The Best Jimbaran Gym: Ultimate Workouts Guide

Do you want to keep an active lifestyle during your stay in Jimbaran? Worry not. Jimbaran is home to several excellent gyms you can explore. In this article, we'll take you through our list, highlighting some of the best Jimbaran gyms and fitness centers.

Whether you're a traveler or resident seeking to maintain your fitness routine, check out these five best Jimbaran gyms!


Coming early next year, merely minutes away from the Jimbaran beach, is the Gym at ASAI Village. A hidden gem nestled in the tranquil oasis of ASAI Village, perfect for Jimbaran gym enthusiasts who are looking for a peaceful and well-equipped space to work out.

The ASAI Village gym will offers various fitness equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, and resistance training equipment. Surrounded by lush gardens and elegant nature-inspired architecture, this new Jimbaran gym provides a peaceful and rejuvenating environment for your fitness routine.

After an invigorating workout session at this excellent Jimbaran gym, you can seamlessly transition to a world of rejuvenation and nourishment. ASAI Village offers the perfect combination of health and well-being, allowing you to savor a post-workout drink or meal at the ASAI Cafe. You can indulge in a delectable selection of nutritious dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, replenishing your body with essential nutrients.

Alternatively, for a deeper sense of relaxation, you can also pamper yourself with a soothing post-workout treatment at the ASAI Spa. Whether it's a massage to ease muscle tension or a rejuvenating spa experience, you'll find the perfect way to unwind and recharge after your Jimbaran gym session.

ASAI Gym will open in March 2024, so make sure to keep up to date with ASAI Village here!

Address: Jl. Pura Sekaang, Jimbaran

Fitness Plus Jimbaran

Located on a bustling strategic main road in Jimbaran, Fitness Plus is a well-equipped gym that caters to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. This Jimbaran gym offers an extensive range of services to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it's building muscle, improving cardiovascular fitness, or simply staying active. With its modern equipment and friendly atmosphere, this Jimbaran gym is popular among locals and expats.

Fitness Plus boasts diverse fitness equipment, including free weights, cardio machines, and resistance training machines. Professional trainers are available to provide personalized workout plans and guidance, ensuring you get the most out of your fitness journey.

This Jimbaran gym also offers group fitness classes such as Zumba, Bodycombat, step exercise sessions, and more, allowing you to mix up your routine and try something new.

Address: Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran

Bambu Bali

Bambu Bali, set in Uluwatu, is the perfect choice for those seeking a unique fitness experience amidst nature's beauty. This fitness center combines wellness with natural surroundings, offering a holistic approach to fitness and the well-being of the body and mind. Set amidst lush tropical greenery, Bambu Bali provides a serene and refreshing environment for your Jimbaran gym experience.

Bambu Bali offers Jimbaran gym enthusiasts various classes through their curated programs, including CrossFit, weightlifting, shredding, bamboo booty, and more. And if you are not a group person, you can always explore the open gym.

Address: Jl. Pantai Bingin No.8, Bingin, Uluwatu

360 Move Uluwatu

360 Move in Uluwatu is renowned for its unique outdoor training sessions, celebrating Bali's natural beauty. If you're looking to challenge yourself while enjoying tropical vibes, 360 Move Uluwatu could be your go-to Jimbaran gym, as it boasts an open-air setup.

360 Move Uluwatu offers a variety of fitness programs, including High-Intensity Interval Training, hot pilates, spinning, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more. The trainers here are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals and adapt exercises to suit your skill level. And yes, Jimbaran gym enthusiasts are also welcome to the open gym.

Address: Jalan Pantai Suluban, Pecatu

Klub Jimbaran

If you have your mind set on staying around the center of Jimbaran and prefer not to make your way further up to Uluwatu, for instance, Klub Jimbaran is an ideal Jimbaran gym option for you.

Conveniently located on Jalan Nuansa Kori Raya, this Jimbaran gym caters to the needs of both locals and tourists. Whether you are looking for a quick workout, personal training sessions, or group classes, Klub Jimbaran has something for everyone.

Klub Jimbaran boasts a spacious well-maintained facility equipped with excellent machines and free weights. It's also a fantastic place to meet like-minded Jimbaran gym enthusiasts and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Address: Jl. Kori Nuansa Raya No. 257, Jimbaran

Jimbaran may be known for its pristine beaches and luxurious resorts, but it does not mean you will not find your perfect Jimbaran gym. So, don't forget to pack your workout gear and maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of Bali's Jimbaran region.