Jimbaran Bali Emergency Numbers You Should Keep Handy

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As you set off on your tropical escape to Bali, with its immaculate coastlines, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes, it is easy to be swept away by the thrill of exploration. While embracing new adventures is undeniably exciting, it is equally essential to prioritize your safety and well-being throughout your travels. Therefore, it is crucial to be well-informed about the Bali emergency numbers.

While Bali is a safe island, like anywhere in the world, unforeseen challenges and risks are inevitable. Familiarising yourself with Bali emergency numbers can promptly assist you in case of any unpredictable circumstances.

It is also essential to have a list of area-specific Bali emergency numbers, depending on where you plan to spend your Bali holiday.

In this article, we will focus on Jimbaran Bali emergency numbers for those planning to indulge or are already indulging in the beauty of this picturesque southwestern coast of Bali.

Medical Emergency Numbers in Jimbaran Bali

From flights being on time to ideal weather to tick off your bucket list, we all want the perfect dream vacation. However, it’s always ideal to be prepared for all kinds of surprises you might encounter during your Bali getaway. Below are Jimbaran Bali emergency numbers you can reach in case of a medical emergency.

For medical emergencies or ambulance service, you can dial 118 or 119 respectively. If you’re using a local SIM card (Telkomsel, XL, etc), you do not need to enter the area code. However, when using a SIM card from outside Indonesia , make sure that you enter the country code (+62).

To reiterate, with a local SIM card, the emergency number for medical incidents is 118. And if you still have your foreign SIM cards, dial +62 118.

It’s also important to note that Jimbaran also has its neighborhood hospitals with 24-hour urgent care facilities. If you believe your emergency can be handled with a taxi, then you might want to consider hailing one to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance.

The following phone numbers of local hospitals providing 24-hour urgent care:
  • Kasih Ibu General Hospital - +62 361 3003030
  • Bali Jimbaran Hospital - +62 812-3897-7403

Bali Police Emergency Number

For police assistance or reporting any criminal incidents, the Indonesian emergency number for the central police unit is 110. They will then direct you to the nearest police station.

If you’re using a local SIM card, you do not need to enter the area code. However, when using a SIM card from any other country, make sure that you enter the country code (+62).

So, for local SIM cards, the emergency number for police assistance in Bali is 110. And for SIM cards from any other country, dial +62 110.

Furthermore, if you believe that you need specific assistance from the Tourist Police Department, you can also reach out to the tourist police stations in neighborhoods surrounding Jimbaran:
  • Tourist Police Kuta: +62 361 784 5988
  • Tourist Police Nusa Dua: +62 361 744 2622
  • Tourist Police Airport: +62 361 935 102

Bali General Emergency Number

If you are unsure who to call, you can dial the emergency number for the Indonesian first responders, which is 112. This emergency number is basically the Indonesian version of 911 in the US or 999 in the UK.

If you’re using a local SIM card, you can immediately dial 112. However, when using a SIM card from any other country, make sure that you enter the country code (+62), and dial +62 112.

Bali Fire Department Emergency Number

The Indonesian emergency number for the fire department is 113, including in Bali. You can immediately dial 113 in case of emergency. However, just like the previous 3-digit emergency numbers, you will need to dial +62 113 if you are using an overseas SIM card.

Aside from the number above, you can also call the Bali emergency number of the Badung Regency Fire Department, closest to Jimbaran. To reach the local fire department directly, dial 0361 411333 from local mobile numbers or +62 361 411333 from overseas mobile numbers.

Knowing and memorizing these vital Bali emergency numbers will ensure that you receive appropriate aid for all kinds of emergencies and unexpected situations while enjoying the breathtaking charm of Jimbaran.

And if memorizing all numbers is too complicated, you can save these Bali emergency numbers on your phone before departing to the island. Keeping these numbers at hand and understanding the dialing procedures will enable you to focus on creating lasting memories during your stay while knowing that help is just a call away. Enjoy the island and stay safe!