GWK Park & Kecak Dance

Take a quick ride to GWK, a renowned theme park centered around the enormous statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana—one of the tallest statues in Asia. After that, drive to Pura Ulu Watu, an 11th-century temple perched on top of a spectacular, over 100-meter-high cliff. Dedicated to the Hindu monkey-like god Hanuman, the temple also serves as a sanctuary for sacred monkeys, which can be spotted throughout the area.

It's highly recommended to remove your shades and jewelry, as the monkeys, despite their sacred status, are skilled thieves. Ulu Watu is one of Bali's favorite spots for enjoying the sunset and discovering the best surfing spots on the island. If you're thrilled by giant rides, Ulu Watu is the place to be. Following the sunset, you'll have the opportunity to witness a unique performance of the Kecak dance.

This intriguing ritual involves the ceremonial chant of several dozen men and scenes from the Ramayana, one of the oldest Hindu epics. The Kecak dance, originating from ancient, pre-Hindu magical rites with a protective purpose, is exclusive to Bali.