The Best Breakfast
in Jimbaran


A Tasty and Healthy Breakfast at the Stunning ASAI Cafe

Pampering yourself with a fantastic breakfast while on holiday is a delightful way to start the day and enhance the overall vacation experience.

Therefore, do not rush through your breakfast while enjoying your holiday in Bali. Instead, complement your island getaway by starting each day with the best Bali breakfast.
If you are staying in or around Jimbaran, we have just the spot for you to indulge in the best breakfast in Jimbaran.
The best spot for breakfast in Jimbaran: Asai Cafe
Nestled in the tranquil coastal village of Jimbaran, only a short walk away from the beach, Asai Cafe offers the best breakfast in Jimbaran. This lovely spot, a part of Asai Village, boasts sophisticated architecture and interior design throughout the cafe.

Inspired by its beautiful surroundings, Asai Cafe features organic colors: soothing shades of white, brown, and brick red, with touches of refreshing green inside the space and outside the elegant tall glass windows. The lovely welcoming atmosphere and excellent location make Asai Cafe a fantastic spot to enjoy breakfast in Jimbaran.
But what about the food? Oh, don’t worry about that part. Asai Cafe is a fresh new cafe with a mindful approach to gastronomy. That excellent balance between mouthwatering food and mindful eating makes Asai Cafe a go-to place for an excellent breakfast in Jimbaran. After all, wouldn’t it be perfect if all your Bali breakfasts were tasty and healthy?
Explore the delectable menu
for your breakfast in Jimbaran at Asai Cafe
Asai Cafe serves an all-day breakfast in Jimbaran. So, if you have a pretty loose definition of breakfast time during your holidays, you can still enjoy the best breakfast in Jimbaran at Asai Cafe , no matter what time you show up!

At Asai Cafe, you can pamper your palate with the chef's signature breakfast. This carefully crafted breakfast features two eggs prepared just the way you like them, accompanied by beef sausages and the addition of creamy avocado, tomatoes, and a delightful mix of seasonal vegetables, all served on wholesome multigrain bread.

And if that does not sound like your version of the best breakfast in Jimbaran, Asai Cafe’s all-day breakfast in Jimbaran also serves the all-time favorites. These include croissants with salmon, hash browns and salad served with burrata or salmon, and steak with scrambled eggs.
Furthermore, Asai Cafe’s breakfast menu also features plenty of delicious dishes for vegetarians. Delight yourself with the chef’s avocado toast, ASAI Shakshuka, traditional syrniki (Eastern Slavic quark pancakes), hot oatmeal, or chia pudding, for the best vegetarian breakfast in Jimbaran.

If you like to keep your breakfast simple, there is nothing wrong with opting for some pastries instead. Every morning, Asai Cafe prepares fresh, buttery, flaky, golden croissants, pain au choc, and pain au raisins, perfect to accompany your coffee or choice of hot beverage for your best breakfast in Jimbaran.

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The coffee and drinks served for your breakfast in Jimbaran at Asai Cafe
Whether your mandatory breakfast beverage is coffee, tea, the freshest blends of healthy juices, or smoothies, Asai Cafe has excellent high-quality beverages to complement your breakfast in Jimbaran with an invigorating touch.

Asai Cafe serves a variety of high-quality coffee boasting rich roasted flavors and the perfect milk-to-coffee ratio. If you prefer your coffee with soy, almond, or oat milk, instead of dairy milk, simply tell the baristas. And if you are a tea person, the cafe also serves a selection of delightful teas to complement your perfect breakfast in Jimbaran.
Furthermore, when it comes to healthy juices, Asai Cafe serves a variety of wonderfully refreshing juices, such as the Morning Booster, a healthy blend of beetroot, celery sticks, green apple, and ginger. Or, you can opt for the Black Sweet, an exotic blend of banana, cinnamon, coconut cream, milk, honey and espresso. And Asai Cafe's smoothies, each crafted to enliven your tasty breakfast in Jimbaran, are definitely also a must-try.

And at last, Asai Cafe also invites you to taste the age-old Indonesian traditional herbal drink called jamu as part of your Bali breakfast experience. The jamu served at Asai Cafe is homemade and made based on authentic recipes.
Another reason Asai Cafe is the perfect choice for breakfast in Jimbaran
Aside from the fact that the dishes and drinks are mouthwatering, all ingredients used across Asai Cafe's menu are sourced from high-quality, ethically, and locally produced ingredients, ensuring that each bite is a testament to sustainability and mindful dining.
Do not miss out on Asai Cafe's Bali breakfast experience that celebrates the goodness of nature while tantalizing your senses with its exceptional flavors amid nature-inspired elegance in every corner around you. Enjoy the best breakfast in Jimbaran at Asai Cafe!
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